1 Mar

Lady luck prevented unimaginable outcome! My colleague’s carelessness almost makes me transferring the money to wrong account! Phew.. I should be more attention to details on her work.

28 Feb

Finished Korea drama True Beauty. Extremely funny. My tears flowing from laughing too hard 😂

27 Feb
First time having dental clinic texted to check how I’m doing after the procedure. Good after sales service 👍
26 Feb

Luckily I managed to get the dentist appointment. The procedure sounds scary as the doctor need to remove some of my gums that covered partial of my broken tooth. Good skills as I don’t experience pain throughout the process. It comes with price of course 😆 Total RM450 for this filling procedure.

25 Feb

Thought I couldn’t finished the payroll on time but managed to do it! Everyone will be very happy to receive the salary tomorrow!

My tooth filling fall out when eating french fries during dinner! Gosh it’s extremely uncomfortable.

24 Feb

The effect of receiving the diploma certificate yesterday, makes me so motivated to look for the next course 😅

23 Feb

Received my Diploma certificate today. Happy like toad 🐸

22 Feb

Resume taking train to work today. Determined to get my work life balance back! Can sleep in the train again 😆

21 Feb

Had a nightmare. Dream that both Curly forelegs being amputated. I’m so relieved when I checked both her legs are still intact when I woke up.

20 Feb

Went shopping today after so long. Didn’t really had a good time as we’re still in MCO thus a lot of SOP to comply one of such is no trying on of clothes. Never a fan of buying clothes without testing. Anyway still manage to bought Airism pillow case which I’ve been wanted for so long and did some shopping from Adidas my favourite sports brand!